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Ride-sharing services may impact DUI rates

In recent years, ride-sharing has become increasingly popular in states across the country. Utilizing this service is fairly simple: All one has to do is download an app on their phone and hit a button. Your ride will oftentimes show up in less than five minutes. Ride-sharing services are appealing for multiple reasons. The app is easy to use, the ride is usually cheaper than a taxi and it can be a safer option than walking at night.

Ride-sharing may have a bigger benefit than mere convenience. Companies like Uber have worked closely with organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to create awareness about alternative ways to get home after an alcohol-related outing.

Research suggests ride-hailing services lead to less DUI accidents

End of July, the Miami Herald reported that South Florida has seen a plummet in DUI arrests. Miami-Dade police departments have noticed shrinking numbers over the past four years. A few factors come into play as law enforcement weighs exactly what caused the change, which includes:

  • More educated public
  • More pro-active law enforcement
  • Rise of ride-sharing companies
  • Alternatives such as public transportation

Miami-Dade reported a 65 percent decrease in arrests in 2017. However, there’s not adequate data to prove ride-sharing is responsible for such as staggering change. Independent studies show the presence of ride-sharing in cities can reduce drunk-driving. It will take further studies and time to confirm or deny correlations.

Holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve are creeping around the corner. The consequences of a DUI car accident or DUI arrest can be life-changing. It’s important to consider alternative rides home after a night of drinking.


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