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Fortnite: A divorce cause?

The rise of online gaming has had many effects out in the world. Does this include impacts on marriages? Yes, a recent report coming from the U.K. suggests.

The report regards the popular online game Fortnite. This game has over 125 million registered players worldwide. According to the report, Fortnite addiction has started to show up as a cited factor in divorces.

While the report regards divorces in the U.K., given Fortnite’s popularity here in the U.S., it doesn’t seem out of the question that the game might be seen as a pressure point in some marriages here in Florida as well.

One of the challenges online gaming could pose in a marriage regards time. For some gamers, online gaming can take up a lot of their time. For example, a survey points to over a third of Fortnite players spending over 11 hours a week on the game. When gaming takes up a lot of a spouse’s time, this could lessen the time he or she has available to put towards the marriage, which could create strains.

What do you think are some of the best ways to keep online gaming from becoming a problem in a relationship?

In addition to potentially giving rise to special concerns in marriages, online gaming could also raise unique issues in divorces. Many online games have options for in-game purchases. These purchases are among the digital assets a married couple may have. Digital assets can be among the battlegrounds for property division in a divorce. Skilled attorneys can assist individuals with divorce issues involving digital assets and other types of property.


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