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Consequences for Florida’s repeat DUI offenders

If you live in Florida and are facing a second or subsequent drinking and driving charge, you may have concerns about how your penalties may impact your life. As you might imagine, the penalties associated with drinking and driving increase with each related conviction, and they become increasingly severe, depending on how many you have on your record. Ian F. Mann understands just how much multiple DUI convictions can affect your life and hinder your ability to earn a living, and he has helped many people facing repeat DUI charges defend themselves and attempt to minimize the damage they cause.

According to A Safer Florida, second-time Florida DUI offenders can anticipate having to fork over between $1,000 and $2,000 in fines, though these numbers typically rise if your blood alcohol content was particularly high, or if you had a child in your car when authorities arrested you. You may also face up to nine months behind bars, and if you received your second conviction within five years of your first, you must serve at least 10 days in jail. You will also lose your license for at least 180 days, but if you are facing your second DUI conviction within five years, this period may extend to five years.

For a third DUI conviction, you can anticipate spending considerable time in jail, but the exact length of time you can expect to serve will depend on when you last received a DUI conviction. The same holds true for how long you can expect to lose your license. If you received a third DUI conviction within 10 years of a prior one, expect to lose your license for 10 years. If your third conviction comes outside of that 10-year period, you will likely lose your license for somewhere between 180 days and three years, depending on specifics.

As you can imagine, the repercussions associated with drinking and driving increase with each subsequent arrest. Find more about DUI defense on our web page.


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