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How soon can my license be suspended after a Florida DUI ticket?

You might be one of the safest drivers in Florida. You might not have accumulated any violation points on your license. This does not make you immune to license suspension– and it might happen faster than you think.

Even if you have a spotless driving record going back several years, the state might revoke your license if you receive a DUI. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles lists three situations that might lead to the court suspending your license:

  • You fail to respond to or comply with a traffic court summons
  • You do not complete mandatory traffic school
  • The state finds you unable to operate a motor vehicle safely

You might have noticed certain information missing from the DHSMV website, namely the amount of time before you must respond to the ticket or else face the consequences. Generally speaking, it is best to act quickly. You could lose your license if you do not act within ten days. Driving without a license could lead to even more complicated problems down the road. 

Maybe you received a ticket in another state and forgot about the incident during the chaos of interstate travel. Maybe your daily responsibilities got in the way of you responding on time to your Florida traffic summons. These types of accidents could happen to anyone. The most important thing is to remain calm. Even if you have already exceeded the time limit, there could still be a solution that avoids real life consequences for your reputation or your career. 

Whether you should go to court or deal with your DUI issue through other means is a complicated matter, regardless of the status of your driver’s license. Please do not view this as specific legal advice: It is only an educational introduction to the issue.


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