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Alcohol-fueled road rage leads to DUI charges

Many motorists in the Fort Myers area are aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving. Some people do not care and believe themselves to be invincible to risks. Alcohol dulls the senses, impairs judgment, reduces reaction time and fuels aggression. It also causes impaired drivers to make critical mistakes on the roads that endanger themselves and other motorists. In 2015, their actions caused 10,265 deaths, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Drunk driving accidents happen all the time. It is not always easy to spot intoxicated motorists. However, drivers should watch for motorists who drive erratically, too slow or fast, and recklessly. They should use good judgment and safe driving behaviors to avoid them. They should also refrain from drinking alcohol when they plan to drive. When drinking is unavoidable, they should use alternative means of transportation. 

A senior’s reckless driving actions lead to his arrest. He bonded out of jail on a Sunday after being arrested the day before. He currently faces several counts of DUI and property damage charges. The 71-year old motorist is from the Cape Coral area and was extremely aggressive with law enforcement, witnesses and emergency responders immediately after crashing his vehicle. He tried to attack the individuals who helped him. 

News cameras were on the scene of the accident at the time of the elderly man’s arrest. The accident occurred at the intersection of Southwest 32 Terrace and Chiquita Boulevard. The male was suffering from alcohol intoxication and is accused of trying to run motorists off the roads. It is also reported he was driving aggressively while screaming and shouting at other drivers. He crashed his pickup into a light pole after losing control of it. 

Source:, “Man arrested in Cape Coral drunken road rage case,”Trent Kelly, Jan. 17, 2018


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