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Can a DUI lead to problems with college?

As a college student in Florida, you may wonder if getting a conviction for drunk driving will affect your education. Because a DUI is a criminal charge, you very well could face consequences at school as a result of a conviction. Before you even think about getting behind the wheel drunk, consider what could happen to you if you get pulled over or cause an accident.

According to The College Investor, even without any college consequences, the other things you may face because of a DUI are just as scary. You may go to jail, lose your license or be fired from your job. Your college will get a report of the incident, though, which may trigger them to act. You could lose your housing if you live on campus. If you play sports, you could be ineligible to participate. If you get a scholarship, it may be revoked.

As if all this is not bad enough, some schools may expel you or put you on academic probation. You may be unable to pursue the career you are going to college for, too. Some professional licenses required by the state are not available to anyone convicted of a DUI. In addition, it can be harder to find employment in any field when you have a criminal record.

The bottom line is drinking and driving is not acceptable for anyone, but if you are in college, you could face serious consequences that go beyond what happens to you today. You could mess up your whole future by getting behind the wheel after too many drinks. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.


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