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Prescription drug trafficking charges after years investigating

Not all drug crimes are as obvious as others. Sometimes Florida law enforcement officers work for years to investigation a prescription drug trafficking case. Many times, more than just prescription drugs are involved, and officers spend a considerable amount of time and effort sorting through all the alleged details.

In one such instance, officers claim that in addition to trafficking prescription drugs, one Florida couple was also engaged in Medicaid fraud and money laundering. According to officers, the couple was involved with prescription drug trafficking of approximately $4 million worth of drugs over an eight year time period. They claim that this was part of a Medicaid fraud scheme to divert drugs. Furthermore, officers claim that the couple was using their business to launder money from the sale of illegal prescription drugs.

In this particular case, the couple has been arrested and charged with a variety of felonies. Each one of these felonies can carry penalties of up to 30 years in prison. In addition to these charges, real estate owned by the couple has been seized, and their business has most likely been affected.

Felony charges of prescription drug trafficking can carry stiff penalties. In a case such as this one, each individual will want an experienced defense attorney representing him or her as the case is presented in a Florida court. Each defense team will want to review the evidence that has been collected and the method under which it was collected. Just because law enforcement officers claim that each individual is guilty, this is not necessarily true. Guilt must be determined within the court of law.

Source:, “Naples couple charged with trafficking prescription drugs“, Devin Turk, March 30, 2017


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