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Traffic stop ends in drug trafficking arrest

Each day, Florida law enforcement officers scan the roadways, searching for those engaged in illegal activities. One of the primary focus areas of this endeavor is the search for those involved in drug trafficking. The goal is to remove these individuals and the drugs from the community.

Prior to stopping a vehicle, police need to have a reason to do so. Many times this reason can be something such as speed, an expired car tag, an individual not wearing a seat belt or any other noticeable infraction of the law. Once the vehicle has been stopped, it is possible that officers will notice some other discrepancy that will indicate the need to take a closer look at the vehicle and its contents. When this happens, it is likely that they will then search the vehicle.

Recently, a man was involved in a traffic stop in Panama City Beach. While reviewing the man’s pertinent information, officers determined that his driver’s license was suspended. They then searched his vehicle and discovered approximately 1,000 Tramadol tablets. This led to his arrest on charges of drug trafficking.

When one is charged with drug trafficking, he or she will need to be prepared to answer to these charges within a Florida court of law. Prior to this, it would be wise to discuss the situation with an experienced defense team. This team will be able to review the evidence, the method under which the evidence was collected and all other pertinent details. This information will assist in preparing a proper defense for such charges.

Source:, “Bay County Man Arrested for Drug Trafficking”, Darrion Kirnes, Feb. 17, 2017


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