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Florida law enforcement claim drug trafficking group arrested

Florida law enforcement spends a considerable amount of time, money and manpower attempting to stem the flow of drugs within the state. As part of their efforts, they regularly monitor the activities of those whom they believe to be a party to drug trafficking. These efforts often involve identifying persons and places of interest.

Recently, officers concluded a year-long investigation into two suspected drug organizations responsible for the trafficking of cocaine. Officers had identified two individuals whom they believed to be conducting illegal drug activities. Upon monitoring the suspects’ activities, officers also identified several homes that they believed to be a part of the business.

In total, eight individuals were arrested in connection with the investigation of one of the drug organizations. In addition to the individuals originally identified, others believed to be involved in the transportation and/or sale of the cocaine were also arrested. Furthermore, five kilos of cocaine were confiscated. Law enforcement officials claim that this organization was responsible for the routine transport and sale of cocaine.

Charges of drug trafficking are serious in nature. Those accused in this particular instance will want to seek experienced legal counsel. The defense team will want to review the evidence to make sure that their individual client has not been unjustly accused.

When one has been accused of drug trafficking, it is important to remember that this is simply an accusation. The accusation must be proved true within a Florida court. The individual still has rights which must be protected, and the individual is considered innocent until proved otherwise.

Source:, “Two Jacksonville cocaine trafficking organizations “effectively dismantled””, Stephanie Brown, Jan. 27, 2017


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