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K-9 alerts officers to possible drug trafficking

Traffic stops are a common practice for Florida law enforcement officers. If someone is speeding, driving negligently or appears to be in violation of traffic laws, it is possible that flashing lights will soon follow. In addition to addressing the traffic violation, law enforcement officers often take the opportunity to make sure that there are no other legal violations such as drug trafficking.

In one recent incident, a Hyundai Sonata was stopped in Indian River County. During the encounter, a K-9 officer indicated that drugs were present in the car. Law enforcement officers searched the car and found what appeared to be a plastic bin filled with garbage bags and a liquid substance. These bags’ contents were later tested and results indicate they were filled with cocaine. Further search of the car led to a suitcase with another garbage bag that was filled with cash.

The driver of this vehicle was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. While on the surface it may appear that he is guilty, this determination can only be made in a court of law. There are numerous questions that need to be answered and evidence that needs to be analyzed.

When one is charged with drug trafficking in Florida, he or she will most likely want to work with an experienced defense team. This team will be able to review the evidence that prosecutors claim to indicate guilt. Additionally, the team will want to review the situation and ensure that the individuals rights have been and are being protected.

Source:, “When a traffic stop turned into a trafficking arrest”, Alfonso Chardy, Dec. 4, 2016


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