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Drug possession guilt determined in court of law

There is no dispute that certain drugs can have deadly consequences. For this reason, many Florida law enforcement agencies work diligently to prevent drugs from coming into their communities. Additionally, they also seek out those drugs that are currently in the communities and attempt to remove them. As a result, someone found with drugs is likely to be charged with drug possession.

Reports indicate that in 2015, over 200 people died from drug overdose in Palm Beach County. These deaths include those from illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine as well as those from illegal prescription drugs. With these deaths in mind, Palm Beach county is just one of the many in Florida that have ramped up their undercover investigations in an attempt to alleviate the drug problem.

Together with local police, the FBI recently conducted an undercover operation in Jupiter in which a number of individuals were arrested. One man was arrested for selling a schedule II substance while another was arrested for selling morphine. Both of these men now face drug possession and drug sale charges. Others were arrested on both drug trafficking and drug possession charges relating to the sale of heroin and other substances.

The fact that one has been arrested on drug possession charges does not mean that he or she is guilty of these charges. Guilt will ultimately be determined in a Florida court of law. However, prior to this occurring, those charged will want to present an appropriate defense and be represented by experienced legal counsel who will work diligently to make sure that the defendant’s rights are protected.

Source:, “Drug investigation in Jupiter leads to arrests”, Hannah Winston, Nov. 22, 2016


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