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Purchase from undercover agent leads to federal drug charge

It is a well-known fact that some people like to talk — perhaps a little too much at times. In the course of these discussions with friends and acquaintances, sometimes the truth is told, and sometimes exaggerations are shared. While these conversations themselves are not noteworthy, when they cover topics that could possibly lead to a federal drug charge, federal drug agents in Florida become interested.

Recently, a West Palm Beach man apparently disclosed to acquaintances that he had a plane available and cocaine for sale in St. Croix. This apparently caught the attention of federal drug agents who decided to investigate the situation. In doing so, it appears that they set up a local drug purchase with an undercover agent.

Reports indicate that the man in question attempted to purchase both cocaine and heroin from the undercover agent. Supposedly, he gave the drug agent the agreed upon money and inspected the drugs. He was then arrested and a search of his vehicle produced a loaded gun. On the surface it may appear that this man has committed one or more crimes; however, only one side of this story has been revealed.

Prior to this, or any similar case being presented before a federal judge sitting in Florida, one will want to assemble a criminal defense team to ensure that one’s rights are protected. In the course of their investigation, the defense team will want to look at the circumstances surrounding the interaction with the undercover agent and all other evidence that the prosecution claims to possess. Being accused of a federal drug charge is a serious matter; however, with an experienced criminal defense team, such accusations can be appropriately handled.

Source:, “Man who said he had 220 pounds of cocaine to fly to S. Fla. arrested during cash deal, feds say”, Paula McMahon, Oct. 14, 2016


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