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Drug possession is a serious charge

There is no dispute that drugs are a problem. As such, Florida law enforcement has been proactively ferreting out suspected drug dealers and attempting to put an end to their business. In their zeal to bring this drug problem under control, drug possession charges have become widespread.

Recently, two homes were searched and over $200,000 worth of cocaine and other drugs were seized. Additionally, four individuals were arrested as a part of this drug sweep. Reports indicate that other types of drugs as well as weapons were also found during the search process.

While these reports give some detail regarding items found after law enforcement entered the homes, no details regarding what led up to the search and the basis for the search warrants has been reported. Additionally, of the four individuals arrested, it is unclear which ones actually lived in the homes. There are still quite a few details that need to be reviewed in analyzing the situation.

When one is accused of drug possession in Florida, there are many questions to consider. The grounds for the search warrant and the scope of the search warrant are only the beginning. Ownership of the drugs should also be determined, and the items seized must be analyzed to determine if they actually were illegal drugs. Additionally, if one or more of the individuals arrested was simply a visitor in the home, did they even have knowledge of the drugs that were found?

Drug possession is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. There are often a number of things which must be considered in each case. An experienced defense attorney will review the circumstances surrounding the case, analyze the situation and be prepared to offer an appropriate defense in a Florida court of law.

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