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Drug possession charge: a case of wrong place at wrong time?

At times, legal problems can arise from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If one is present when Florida law enforcement steps in, it is possible that one could be assumed to be part of a problem by simply being at the scene. Recently, a passenger is a car was arrested for drug possession when the car was pulled over because of a tinted windshield.

After the car was pulled over, a police K-9 indicated that drugs were in the car. A search of the car produced heroin and drug straws in a purse. Although the passenger stated that the purse did not belong to her, she was arrested for possession of drugs and drug equipment.

This situation opens the door to a variety of questions that will need to be addressed in preparing a defense for these charges. One of the first questions to arise is if law enforcement had reason to pull the vehicle over in the first place. Then, the question of who actually owns the purse and its contents will need to be answered. In reviewing the evidence, the defense team will want to ensure that the accused’s rights are protected.

Being accused of drug possession can be a stressful situation for one to be place in. Florida courts look at drug charges as a serious offense. However, just because one is accused of a crime does not mean that he or she is guilty of the crime. Anyone accused of such a crime will want to seek experienced legal counsel to be certain that they receive an appropriate defense and that their rights are protected.

Source:, “Deputies: Florida woman found with drugs, blames it on mom”, Zach Dennis, Oct. 25, 2016


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