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Florida man accused of drug possession

Florida law enforcement officials utilize different techniques in an effort to discover instances of selling drugs. Conducting traffic stops is one method. Lake Wales Police recently used this tactic to arrest a man who they suspected of drug possession.

The local man was recently arrested after police say they discovered synthetic marijuana in his vehicle. Authorities say they were alerted to his presence by the man playing loud music in his vehicle. The 29-year-old man was pulled over, at which point he reportedly became nervous and ran away from officers. The police said the man refused to listen to their commands, and as a result, they Tased him.

They later discovered what they believed to be a little over 10 pounds of synthetic marijuana. The marijuana, which was stored in trash bags, was reportedly discovered in the back of the man’s vehicle. The drugs are currently being tested to ascertain their substance. The man is currently being held for drug possession.

The prosecution will have the burden of proving the drug possession charge beyond a reasonable doubt in a Florida criminal court. The serious nature of the allegations mandate that the defendant focus on the specifics of the charges alongside his legal counsel. The nature of why the original traffic stop was conducted, as well as the procedures employed by the law enforcement officers both before and after the arrest was made may warrant careful scrutiny. Moreover, the specific location of the drugs within the defendant’s vehicle may also play a crucial role in the defense strategy of the accused.

Source:, “Lake Wales man arrested with over 10 pounds of synthetic marijuana”, Adam Winer, Aug. 29, 2016


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