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1 arrested for drug possession in Jackson County

Many drug-related defenses center on how the defendant was arrested. Florida police are duty-bound to conduct themselves in a manner that must adhere to strict rules that are prescribed by both national and state laws. If any of those rules are broken during an arrest for drug possession, the defendant’s arrest may be ruled illegal, and any evidence or a confession may be suppressed and all charges may be dropped.

A 39-year-old Greenwood man was recently arrested on drug possession charges. The arrest occurred on a recent Thursday in August. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force said that their investigation into the illegal distribution of drugs in Greenwood has come to a conclusion with this arrest.

The investigation was initiated after several citizens lodged complaints, alleging that the suspect regularly distributed drugs from a private residence in Greenwood. Investigators executed a search warrant at this residence. During the subsequent search, authorities say they discovered drugs, including cocaine, some marijuana, a couple of firearms and cash.

When an individual is charged with drug possession in Florida, the penalties upon a conviction may range in severity. Any conviction for drug possession requires a 2-year drivers’ license revocation. In most possession cases — except for those that involve a minimal amount of cannabis — the accused may be faced with a felony. Many individuals choose not to risk a potentially life-altering conclusion to his or her case and typically consult an experienced criminal defense attorney. In this way, the individual will be able to rest assured that his or her counsel will fight for his or her best interests.

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