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Woman charged with drug possession for concealing items in pants

Florida police say they discovered illegal drugs on a woman’s person only after taking her into custody. The original charges that led to her arrest are not entirely clear, but it is possible that they were in some way related to the drug possession for which she was subsequently charged. She was also charged with having these items inside of a jail.

Police say that the woman hid the illicit items in her pants during an arrest. The 31-year-old woman was allegedly able to conceal methamphetamine, oxycodone tablets, a syringe and marijuana in her pants without the arresting officers actually noticing what was happening. Authorities also noted that, while oxycodone is a prescription painkiller, she did not have the necessary prescription to legally obtain it.

Reportedly, the hidden items were eventually discovered after she had been transported to an area jail. In addition to the charges for possession meth and oxycodone, the discovery also resulted in charges for the conveyance of contraband items into the jail. Other charges include marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession and a misdemeanor for interfering with official acts.

Drug possession is not treated lightly in Florida, and many defendants find that they must overcome bias from the media and surrounding community during this period of their lives. However, the innocence of all defendants is presumed before the court, no matter what outside influences might insist. Unless a prosecutor is able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that a defendant’s charges are both viable and true, he or she cannot be judged as guilty.

Source:, “Florida woman accused of hiding illegal drugs during arrest”, Molly Montag, July 6, 2016


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