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Florida 911 call leads to drug possession and other charges

Drug crimes are taken seriously in Florida. Those who are convicted of crimes involving drugs may be severely sentenced, whether they are involved in trafficking or simply guilty of drug possession. Sometimes police may be following an active lead when they arrest someone suspected of drug crimes. Other times, police get their information in less conventional ways.

Recently police responded to a series of 911 calls coming from a cell phone in a local apartment. When officers arrived, they reportedly saw men inside the apartment transferring a white powder from plastic bags into a container. The police knocked on the door and allegedly smelled marijuana in the apartment, so they held the five occupants until they could obtain a search warrant. Apparently, one of the women in the apartment had accidentally dialed 911 numerous times while sitting on her phone.

After executing the search warrant, police say they found heroin, cocaine, Xanax, a handgun and over $2,000 cash. All five people were charged with felonies, including possession of various drugs and paraphernalia, and trafficking. One man, already a convicted felon, faces additional charges for allegedly possessing a weapon.

When the evidence seems to be strongly against people accused of crimes like drug possession and trafficking, they may find that their best hope is to contact a lawyer who has experience and success in defending against the charges. Even if a person already has a criminal record, he or she still has rights which must be protected. An attorney who understands how prosecutors in Florida builds a case will be able to defend the rights of the accused and pursue favorable results.

Source:, “Accidental 911 call leads to drug bust”, Tom Mclaughlin, June 13, 2016


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