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Florida doctor facing drug trafficking accusations

A Florida doctor is now facing accusations that he and the clinic at which he worked was involved in the trafficking of drugs. The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigations recently raided the Orange County clinic. When Florida residents are accused of similar drug trafficking crimes, many decide to not fight the charges alone.

Investigators claim that several hundred thousand pills that were considered addictive and dangerous were prescribed by the doctor. MBI agents claim that the owner of the clinic and the doctor were working together to prescribe these pills. The addictive pain pills were allegedly prescribed to individuals who may not always have needed them, investigators say.

Agents say that many of the nearly one million pills that were prescribed at the clinic from October 2014 to October 2015 may not have been prescribed for medical necessity, agents said. The director of the MBI claims that the prescriptions were then diverted to the streets, where they were then sold illegally. As a result of the recent arrest, the doctor’s medical license was restricted by the Department of Health.

Although both individuals are facing multiple felony charges — including drug trafficking in oxycodone — these charges are just formal accusations. They will both remain innocent in the eyes of the law unless prosecutors are able to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a Florida criminal court. However, as the felony charges carry a minimum mandatory 15-year sentence, the individuals will most likely consult separate experienced criminal defense attorneys who will fight for the accused individuals’ best interests as they pursue favorable results in court.

Source:, “Clinic doctor, owner accused of drug trafficking“, Bob Kealing, April 20, 2016


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