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Police accuse 4 of drug possession at Florida day care

Four individuals who were associated with a Florida day care were arrested in Oviedo recently. The people were associated with the Ponder Family Day Care and were arrested by police, who said they might have been selling drugs from the children’s day care center. At least three are now facing drug possession charges.

Among those arrested in connection with the alleged drug sales was the day care center’s manager, according to the report. Additionally, the manager’s son and daughter, as well as a family friend, were also arrested. Police officers searched the manager’s home — which was used for the day care — and allegedly they found cannabis, as well as drug equipment. The police allege that the drug paraphernalia was in close proximity to a child’s playpen, and a glass device for smoking was also within children’s reach.

The manager will be fighting charges of possession of cannabis and drug equipment, along with child neglect. The manager’s daughter will be facing a similar charge for drug possession. Lastly, the manager’s son will be fighting a charge for possession with intent to sell and attempted destruction of evidence, as police say he attempted to flush some of the evidence down a toilet.

Although at least three of the individuals are facing drug possession charges, these charges are merely allegations and must be proved in a Florida criminal court. All of the individuals who are accused will be entitled to their own criminal defense, as well as being entitled to have an attorney to represent each of them individually in the ensuing criminal proceedings. If, during these proceedings, the prosecution cannot prove that the individuals are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then no convictions will be possible in the case.

Source:, “Police: 4 arrested for selling drugs at Florida daycare”, Zach Dennis, Nov. 9, 2015


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