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Man allegedly manufactured and planned on selling drugs

A Florida man is now facing numerous drug charges for allegedly manufacturing marijuana-laced candy that he intended to distribute, police say. According to the Miami-Dade Police Department’s report, officers searched the Miami residence of the 34-year-old man on a recent Tuesday in November. Inside the residence, police found marijuana-infused candies, as well as numerous examples of drug paraphernalia, which lead them to assume that he planned on selling drugs.

Specifically, the officers found plastic baggies that contained chocolate bars and pot-laced push pops, as well as other types of candy that had allegedly been infused with marijuana. The man also had over $1,600 in cash on his person, police say. He was arrested and summarily charged with possession with intent to distribute and cannabis trafficking, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia with an intent to deliver.

Police were tipped off to the alleged suspicious behavior by a passerby who noticed a strong odor of marijuana. Detectives were, at first, concerned that the alleged drug seller had been selling to children. However, it was later established that his primary target was only adults.

Charges related to selling drugs often come with the threat of serious consequences in the state of Florida for an individual who is convicted of such crimes. However, the type and amount of the drug involved in the case, as well as the accused individual’s criminal background, may affect the severity and length of any potential punishments. When accused individuals consult with experienced criminal defense attorneys to analyze these factors, as well as the laws and statutes that are applicable, the accused will be able to plan criminal defense strategies that are uniquely tailored to their own situations.

Source: NBC Miami, “Miami Man Manufactured Marijuana-Laced Candy: Police“, Nov. 5, 2015


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