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3 arrested, accused of selling drugs

On a recent Tuesday in the latter part of October, investigators with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force arrested three individuals on drug-related charges. These charges included selling drugs. The investigators were dispatched to a residence in Madison to look for a 34-year-old Florida man who, at the time, had several active narcotic arrest warrants.

When the DTF investigators passed the residence in question, they observed one female and three males standing outside on the front porch. One of the men appeared to be the person of interest. However, after they turned around and the investigators approached, the males were no longer on the porch.

The investigators were given consent by the female to enter the residence in order to look for the men. An investigator who was approaching the rear of the residence noticed the man in question attempting to exit the rear of the building, only to quickly return inside, after which he was taken into custody. At the time of his arrest, the man allegedly had a plastic baggie that contained synthetic marijuana as well as a digital scale on his person. Additionally, two other men were arrested shortly thereafter on a number of drug-related charges.

Although the accused individuals must face these charges in a Florida criminal court, they are fully entitled to a criminal defense. During the ensuing legal proceedings, this includes representation by an attorney. As charges related to selling drugs may come with potentially strict penalties in the event a conviction is ultimately secured, individuals who stand accused of such crimes typically consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer to advise and represent them throughout the entirety of any court proceedings.

Source:, “Drug Bust: Three arrested on drug charges“, Oct. 29, 2015


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