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Cafeteria manager in Florida school faces drug possession charges

A cafeteria manager at a middle school is currently facing drug possession charges, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The 41-year-old Florida woman was arrested on drug possession charges while at work on a recent Thursday in Lakeland. Deputies arrived at the school after obtaining an anonymous tip regarding the woman allegedly being in possession of illegal narcotics.

Deputies approached the manager and spoke to her about the tip. At this point, it is reported that she became visibly upset and admitted to smoking marijuana and admitted to having some in her purse. A police K-9 was requested.

The K-9 unit apparently alerted the deputies that there was, indeed, narcotics located in the woman’s purse, according to the official report. The deputies took her into custody, at which point they searched her purse. While searching the purse, they say they located marijuana, a glass pipe, a digital scale, individual clear baggies, a small number of Xanax pills as well as a plastic bag that had methamphetamine residue. She is now facing four drug possession charges, as well as 62 charges for possession of the baggies.

Florida individuals who face similar criminal accusations for drug possession typically enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The woman in this case is guaranteed the presumption of innocence before the criminal court. This means that the burden of actually proving the charges rests with government prosecutors and that no criminal conviction is possible unless they are able to provide relevant and competent evidence that establishes each and every element of the crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt. In circumstances where the evidence appears compelling, a plea agreement may offer an opportunity to achieve a reduction in charges and/or favorable consideration by the court at sentencing.

Source:, “School cafeteria manager charged with drug possession“, Oct. 16, 2015


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