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13 suspects face charges for selling drugs in Florida

Thirteen Florida individuals who were recently arrested in a drug sweep are now facing a multitude of drug-related charges. The first round of arrests took place on a recent Friday in late September in Putnam County, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, while the second round occurred the following week. Of the total number arrested, 10 were arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

During the first sweep, nine individuals were arrested. It occurred when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tri-County Narcotics Task Force, as well as Palatka police officers, descended on a group of individuals who were believed to be distributing large amounts of cocaine. The group’s members all had extensive criminal histories, according to the authorities. All nine of the individuals were charged with the sale of cocaine.

Five days later, the second sweep occurred. Executing a search warrant, the deputies entered a home in southern Putnam County, where four individuals were arrested on multiple drug-related charges, including suspicion of drug possession and drug sales. The arrests mark the fruition of an investigation that began around three months ago, when investigators received several complaints regarding potential drug activity at the residence. On several different occasions, undercover detectives successfully purchased crack cocaine at this residence, which lead to the search warrant, according to the local authorities.

These 13 individuals now face a variety of drug-related charges, including selling drugs, possession and distribution. However, each individual will also be entitled to his or her own criminal defense, as well legal representation at each stage of the proceedings. As drug-related charges often come with severe penalties, individuals in Florida who stand accused of these crimes typically consult experienced defense attorneys for guidance and support as they attempt to defend themselves against accusations.

Source:, “2 drug sweeps net 13 in Putnam; 3 suspects at large“, Dan Scanlan, Oct. 1, 2015


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