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Twelve arrested for alleged drug trafficking in Florida

Some Florida residents are aware of the fact that the number of incidents of heroin overdoses are on the rise. As an effort to curb this alarming development and keep Florida communities safe, drug enforcement divisions of many city, state and nation-wide agencies continue to investigate, as well as crack down on, aspects of the drug trade, including one of the most serious — drug trafficking. A recent investigation into drug trafficking resulted in a mass of arrests.

Twenty-five arrests were recently issued by authorities for suspects allegedly connected with drug trafficking, according to Orlando authorities. The arrests were the result of a six-month investigation of drug trafficking as well as violent crimes that were associated with gang activity, according to police. Twelve individuals were arrested, including one juvenile.

Some of the charges involved alleged trafficking in cocaine as well as possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Others were charged with sale and delivery of heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs. The investigation was partially conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

All of these individuals will be entitled by law to a criminal defense as well as an attorney who will represent them in their Florida criminal proceedings. As drug trafficking violations carry severe penalties, individuals in Florida accused of such crimes often choose to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney who has experience with drug violations. If the prosecution is not able to prove that the accused individuals are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then no conviction for the crimes charged is possible.

Source:, “Cops arrest 13 for drug trafficking along Semoran Boulevard“, David Harris, Aug. 1, 2015


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