Many Florida residents rely on prescription drugs to maintain their health, or they may take them for certain medical conditions. Most individuals obtain these drugs by lawful means, but a certain number of individuals obtain these drugs without a prescription from their doctor. When this is the case and they are caught by law enforcement, they can face jail time, stiff fines, probation as well as community service if convicted on prescription drug possession.

A man and woman were recently arrested on alleged drug charges, according to Highlands County police. According to their report, the deputies were investigating a suspicious incident that had been reported at a local convenience store. There, they found the man and woman, who were asleep inside a vehicle.

While conducting a search of the vehicle, the deputies learned that a 33-year-old man as well as a 38-year-old woman had prescription pills and bags containing cocaine and methamphetamine. Additionally, the woman did not have a prescription for the Clonzepam that was found on her person. The two were summarily arrested on a variety of drug charges, including prescription drug charges.

When prescription drug possession, as well as other types of drug charges, arise, accused individuals will not be found guilty until they are proven to be guilty beyond any reasonable doubt in a criminal court. As the potential punishments often related to being convicted of a prescription drug violation are severe, many individuals take their criminal defense seriously. As such, many Florida individuals accused of such crimes often consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them prepare their defenses.

Source:, “Man, woman arrested on drug charges”, Aug. 18, 2015