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Florida man arrested for drug trafficking along with wife and son

The members of an alleged drug trafficking ring have been arrested in central Florida. The individuals were charged with trafficking of methamphetamine, racketeering and conspiracy to traffic meth. The drug trafficking bust happened on a recent Wednesday in Davenport. Authorities say that a 12-year-old girl was living at the home where the arrests occurred.

Police say that a 49-year-old man was the head of the drug trafficking ring. The man has a long criminal history that includes 28 arrests on felony charges and 11 arrests on misdemeanor charges. He has been accused of crimes relating to aggravated assault of an officer, counterfeiting, burglary, cocaine, methamphetamine and grand theft. 

The man was only recently released from a state prison last December. Police say that he began trafficking drugs within the first month of being released from jail. One police lieutenant said that the man was observed receiving pounds of meth, which he would allegedly package and distribute around central Florida. 

In addition to the arrested man, his son and his wife were among the 16 people charged in the drug bust. These charges are clearly serious, particularly due to the man’s criminal background, and could result in a very long term jail sentence if he is convicted. As such, he will certainly want to aggressively defend himself against the allegations. Indeed, no one will be convicted of drug trafficking until — and only if — they are proved guilty of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt in court. That is true for the wife and son as well as the man that authorities claim was the mastermind of the drug ring.

Source:, “Central Fla. drug trafficking organization members arrested in meth bust“, June 17, 2015


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