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Prescription drug possession: Protecting your legal rights

Accusations relating to prescription drugs could result in stiff fines, probation, jail time and community service punishments if a conviction occurs. When prescription drug possession and other types of drug charges arise, however, accused individuals will not be found guilty until — and only if — they are proved to be so beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Until that point, Florida residents will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the charges.

At Ian F. Mann, PA, we defend individuals accused of prescription drug crimes. We have seen virtually every scenario possible when it comes to these kinds of charges. Indeed, we have seen situations where an elderly person is accused of prescription drug possession, simply because the person did not have the container that the prescribed medication original came in from the pharmacy. We have also seen cases where individuals were caught with large amounts of a substance because they were engaged in selling and/or distributing the drug.

Whether or not you are innocent or guilty of the crimes for which you have been accused, there will be an appropriate defense approach to the litigation of your criminal proceedings. For the elderly individual who was wrongly accused of prescription drug possession, for example, the defense technique may be as simple as bringing evidence of the prescription before the court in order to get the charges dropped or dismissed. For the person who was actually illegally selling the drugs, if the prosecution has a strong case, that person might want to negotiate a plea deal in exchange for reduced charges.

At Ian F. Mann, PA, we will work with you to find the best criminal defense approach to suit the needs of your particular prescription drug possession charges. We also provide a judgement-free zone, where you can discuss the details of your case in confidence. There is no need to be ashamed of criminal accusations.

We all make mistakes and, in many cases, we are wrongly accused of making mistakes. That is why we have a criminal justice system in Florida, to ensure that no one is wrongly punished and everyone has their “day in court” to protect their legal rights and let the truth be told. At Ian F. Mann, PA, we are committed to this process and we are committed to the aggressive protection of those accused of prescription drug possession. 


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