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2 Florida men arrested for drug possession and drug trafficking

Sheriff’s deputies in Walton County, Florida, claim to have discovered a meth lab while in the process of serving a warrant to a man for being late on his child support payments. The 46-year-old man was subsequently charged with drug possession and other drug crimes. Another 51-year-old man was also arrested in the impromptu drug bust.

Police found both men inside a shed at the 46-year-old man’s home. The younger man was allegedly wearing safety goggles and a breathing mask when they found him. Police called in a narcotics unit immediately after they claim to have discovered several cooking vessels called “one-pot” cookers, which are used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. In addition to the cooking vessels, they also say they found a small quantity of meth, Adderall, under 20 grams of marijuana and a large amount of methamphetamine oil. 

The man who was late on his child support payments was charged with meth manufacturing and controlled substance possession. He was also charged with drug paraphernalia possession and meth trafficking. The older man will face charges of misdemeanor drug possession of under 20 grams of pot and drug paraphernalia possession. 

This case is an excellent example of how a relatively minor violation can lead to much more serious charges. Nevertheless, the Florida men in this case will have their opportunities to separately defend themselves against the drug possession, drug trafficking and paraphernalia possession crimes. Through a successfully deployed criminal defense, they may be able to get certain charges dropped and diminish the severity of potential punishments relating to their cases.

Source:, “Man faces drug charges after search”, March 24, 2015


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