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Teen charged with selling drugs and other crimes

Sheriff’s deputies in Florida arrested an 18-year-old man on drug charges in Sarasota. Police say that they found the teenager in his car counting cash with a bag of marijuana next to him. Authorities approached the man’s vehicle after receiving reports of drug deals happening in the parking lot of a fitness center. They later arrested the man and charged him with selling drugs.

According to the police report, the young man was not aware of the deputy until the arresting officer knocked on the window of his car. After getting out of his vehicle, the teen allegedly admitted to the officer that he was in a lot of trouble and that there were more things in his trunk. Police proceeded to search the vehicle, where they reportedly discovered more contraband items, signaling that the man was engaging in drug deals.

Allegedly, authorities found $4,300 cash, over 6 pounds of marijuana, 748 Xanax pills, edible THC products and drug paraphernalia in the man’s motor vehicle. Later, they arrested and charged the man with marijuana possession with the intention to sell and Xanax possession with the intention to sell. They also charged him with drug paraphernalia possession.

Due to the large quantity of marijuana and other items found in this man’s automobile, he could face time in jail if convicted of the charges related to selling drugs. Florida residents accused of similar crimes might be able to get the severity of possible punishments reduced, especially after first arrests, with the help criminal defense attorneys. One of the most common ways accused individuals obtain reductions in punishments is through plea bargains in which the defendants plead guilty to certain crimes in exchange for less severe punishments.

Source:, “Sarasota teen arrested on drug charges – Sarasota News”, Joe Bardi, Feb. 25, 2015


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