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Florida man arrested for drug possession while 2 children at home

Authorities in Florida have arrested a 26-year-old man on cocaine and other drug possession charges as a part of an ongoing cocaine distribution investigation. Flagler County authorities say that they arrested the suspect after serving him with a search warrant. The man has since been charged with drug possession crimes.

More specifically, the Palm Coast man was charged with crack cocaine possession, cannabis possession, felony probation violation and destroying or tampering with evidence. Police arrested the man after entering his home with a search warrant that was apparently obtained through a 30 day long cocaine distribution investigation. In addition to the accused man, two children were also present in the residence.

In addition to the alleged drugs found in the home, authorities say that they also found $11,715 in cash. Police say that some of the cannabis they found was nearly flushed down the toilet. The arrested man was booked into jail, and as of last report, he was being detained without bail.

This arrest is particularly unfortunate considering that the accused man was home with two children, who had to experience the stress of the arrest. In Florida drug cases where an accused individual has children, a mother or father could face difficulties relating to his or her parental rights if authorities determine that the children were in danger of being exposed to illegal activity. This could be additional motivation for an accused parent to fight any drug possession charges in court as aggressively as possible. In this case, it also appears the man will have to contend with accusations that he violated the terms of an existing probation order.

Source:, “26-year-old Palm Coast man arrested Tuesday on drug charges“, Joe Daraskevich, Feb. 17, 2015


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