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Man arrested on drug trafficking charge after police chase

Police arrested a Florida man after pursuing him in a high-speed car chase last Tuesday. The pursuit started after the man allegedly pulled through a drive-through at McDonald’s while inebriated. McDonald’s employees notified law enforcement after they saw that the 38-year-old man looked intoxicated. He was later arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Police arrived on scene and tried to stop the man from exiting the McDonald’s at approximately 9:18 p.m. However, the man refused to pull over and tried to escape. During the chase, the fleeing driver and police approached speeds of approximately 90 mph. Eventually, they made their way into the town of Meridian.

In Meridian, police were able to force the man’s vehicle off the roadway and into a field. They subsequently arrested the man. Inside his vehicle, officers claim that they found a hand gun, $3,954 in cash and methamphetamine. Authorities transported the man to a local hospital to ensure that he was healthy and then transported him to the jailhouse in Ada County.

The Florida man will now have to face drug trafficking and other charges in court, including methamphetamine trafficking, felony eluding, DUI and providing police with false information. He has also been charged with drug paraphernalia possession and controlled substance possession. In spite of the severity of this man’s charges, he will have the ability and the legal right to defend himself in court. He will also have the right to a defense attorney, who may be able to help him improve his situation considerably in the eyes of the law.

Source:, “Man arrested after high-speed chase through Meridian“, Dec. 24, 2014


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