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Have you been accused of drug possession in Florida?

Getting charged with any kind of drug offense can be scary. For one, an individual accused of a drug crime might have been arrested by police, and this is a frightening experience under any circumstances. One of the most common drug offenses in Florida is drug possession. If you are currently facing drug charges in Florida, Ian F Mann, PA, is ready to help. We will review your case, tell you how serious your situation is and we will aggressively defend you against the charges.

Some individuals who have been accused of drug possession might be tempted to plead guilty or make incriminating statements to police. It is important for every Florida resident to remember to speak with his or her lawyer before pleading guilty or making any kind of “confession” to law enforcement officials. Indeed, police can be persuasive during an arrest and entice you to say something that could hinder your ability to defend yourself later.

A drug possession conviction could result in costly fines, a driver’s license suspension in some circumstances and even years spent behind bars. Attorney Ian F. Mann knows what to look for in a drug possession case to find loopholes in the prosecution’s case against you. He will also advocate to get evidence thrown out of court and work with you on every aspect of your defense to develop the legal defense strategy that will best suit your needs.

Our Florida law firm has successfully represented clients accused of possession of cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs and many other types of controlled substances. We will not charge you a dime for your initial no-obligation consultation. Contact us now to find out how Attorney Ian F. Mann can help you in your drug possession case.


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