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Man believed to have been selling drugs in Florida

One man was recently accused of engaging in drug sales in Florida. A person who is charged with selling drugs may naturally be panicked about whether he or she will end up being convicted and sentenced. However, the person has the right to defend his or her innocence.

The man who was recently arrested was said to be 34 years old. His arrest and drug possession charge came after company owners complained that somebody was taking part in drug sales in a parking lot. An area property manager requested that the police to confront the individual, who was operating a vehicle.

Police spoke to the man and later detained him after one K-9 positively alerted on this vehicle, indicating that drugs may be present. The man then tried to throw away a small bag of crack located in his cap, police said. The man tried to convince officers that the bag had already been there and thus wasn’t his. When police searched the man, they reportedly located a gram bag of marijuana. In addition, more marijuana, a couple of oxycodone pills and a device used for smoking were said to have been found in the man’s automobile.

The man who is believed to have been selling drugs faces drug possession charges. The government needs to prove the validity of these charges beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a criminal conviction. Any person accused of committing drug crimes is entitled to the same legal protections guaranteed to those accused of other types of crimes in Florida.

Source:, “Man facing drug charges after business owners complain“, , Sept. 9, 2014


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