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Florida doctor arrested for prescription drug trafficking

A Florida doctor from Sebring was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The ex-cardiologist, who now lives in Winter Haven, was accused of prescription drug trafficking offenses relating to hydrocodone. Allegedly, the man was writing prescriptions in exchange for money, marijuana and methamphetamine.

Deputies with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department took the man into custody on a recent Thursday. He has been charged with five different counts relating to allegedly obtaining narcotics through a conspiracy and scheme to traffic prescription medications. The man has been a medical doctor and cardiologist since 1987, but deputies say that he told them that he is not currently in practice.

According to the arrest reports, the doctor wrote five different prescriptions to a man who compensated him with methamphetamine and/or money. The prescriptions were for as many as 90 pills. However, deputies allege that the doctor did not medically evaluate the man before he made the prescription. The man was also accused of injecting methamphetamines. Police believe he was high when he wrote the prescriptions.

If the allegations against this doctor are proven beyond a reasonable doubt in court, this man could lose his license to practice medicine and be sentenced to serve time in a Florida prison. He will, however, have the right to a criminal defense. By successfully navigating one’s criminal proceedings, those accused of prescription drug trafficking charges may be able to get their charges dropped or reduced. Alternatively, they could try to reach a plea-bargaining agreement, which would involve pleading guilty to some or all of the charges in exchange for less severe punishments or other favorable treatment from the court.

Source:, “Former Sebring doctor charged with drug trafficking“, Phil Attinger, Sept. 7, 2014


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