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Charged with selling drugs in Florida?

Being charged with selling drugs or purchasing drugs is serious, but it does not have to mean the end of the world. At the law offices of Ian F. Mann, we pride ourselves on having years of experience in dealing with matters relating to accusations of selling drugs. Indeed, Ian F. Man is a former assistant attorney general and has litigated over 100 jury trials.

It does not matter the amount or kind of drug — be it marijuana, cocaine or some other substance — the sale of illegal drugs is a crime. Florida residents who are caught in the act or accused of carrying out such crimes could face years in prison if they are ultimately convicted. Similarly, prescription drug sales can also get an individual in trouble with the law because it is only legal sell such substances if one has the proper licensing to do so.

Those charged with dug sales crimes might also be charged with drug trafficking and/or drug possession at the same time. Generally speaking, prosecutors will go for the most charges and highest possible punishment relating to drug offenses. Therefore, it is important to put together a sound and logical criminal defense in such cases.

Florida residents who have been accused of selling drugs like ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, meth or prescription drugs do have rights — especially the right to assert a well-planned criminal defense. Numerous and proven defense strategies are available to be used on behalf of an accused individual. A uniquely tailored strategy starts with a careful review of the government’s accusations and the evidence that the prosecution intends to present at trial.

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