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Trick Daddy to face drug possession charges in Florida

The rapper, Trick Daddy, who is known for his music across the country, has been arrested in Florida on drug charges. The musician was taken into custody outside his home in Miramar on drug possession accusations after police confronted him on his property. When first approached, the rapper asked authorities if they were arresting him for being late on child support payments.

The Broward County Drug Task Force started its surveillance of the man’s home on a recent Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. Allegedly, the surveillance of the home was connected to a sniff warrant that was pending on the residence. A sniff warrant gives authorities permission to use drug sniffing dogs to search for controlled substances.

The authorities claim they saw the rapper start to leave his residence at approximately 10 a.m. in his car. Deputies requested that the musician stop his car as he was backing out of his driveway, and the rapper complied. Allegedly, the man confessed that he was attempting to drive with a suspended license.

Police proceeded to search the man’s Florida home, where they allegedly discovered cocaine and a gun. Because he was previously convicted of a felony, the man will also face charges relating to illegal possession of a firearm. Trick Daddy could be forced to spend time in jail if he is not able to successfully defend himself against the weapons and drug possession crimes in court. It will be important for the rapper’s legal team to work to protect Trick Daddy’s at every stage of the coming criminal proceedings while fighting for a favorable result in the singer’s best interests.

Source:, “Rapper Trick Daddy arrested in Florida on drug and firearm charges“, Terra Sullivan, April 5, 2014


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