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Florida grocery store owner arrested for allegedly selling drugs

A Florida grocery store owner has been accused of trafficking drugs. According to authorities, the man was taken into custody following reports that he was selling drugs at his business. Detectives say that the 46-year-old entrepreneur was selling hydrocodone inside a school zone.

Police further claim that they discovered more than 1,000 packages of synthetic marijuana while searching the business. Allegedly, the man had been selling the packs for $20 each. He was charged on two counts of prescription drug sales and two counts of illegal drug possession with the intention to distribute near a school.

The drug raid was conducted by the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office on a recent Thursday. Authorities say they arrested the man immediately after an alleged drug transaction took place at approximately 4:45 in the afternoon. Following his arrest, the man was transported to the Bradford County Jail where, as of April 24, he was waiting to appear before the court for a bail bond hearing.

The charges in this Florida case relating to selling drugs in a school area could land this man behind bars if he is convicted. However, prosecutors may have a difficult time convicting him of all the charges, depending upon the strength of the factual evidence brought forward against this grocery store owner during court proceedings. During his legal defense, for example, the man may succeed in obtaining a not guilty verdict on certain charges and dramatically lessen the threat and severity of potential punishments. Alternatively, the man may try to enter into a plea bargain agreement, which could also be a strategy for reducing his ultimate punishment if he is convicted of any charges he faces.

Source:, “Owner of grocery store in Starke arrested Thursday after reports of drug traffic at the business“, Joe Daraskevich, April 24, 2014


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