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Florida man charged with drug trafficking after robbery

Over $250,000 worth of marijuana plants were involved in a recent burglary arrest, which landed four men behind bars. The South Florida incident involved three alleged burglars, who police claim were trying to steal the pot plants. A fourth man, who was the alleged tenant of the Plant City grow house, was also arrested. The tenant must now face charges relating to drug trafficking in court.

The arrest came following a call to police on a recent Friday afternoon. The caller reported seeing a van pull up to a residence, drop off two men and leave. After sheriff’s deputies arrived, they allegedly discovered pry marks on the property. Tracking dogs located two 32-year-old men on the property who were subsequently arrested without incident. The van was discovered close by, with a 25-year-old driver inside of it, who was also arrested.

Police then conducted a search of the property. This is when they allegedly discovered a garage that contained 65 marijuana plants. Police believe that the burglars were trying to pilfer the marijuana plants.

The tenant of the home, which was on the property of the detached garage containing the marijuana plants, was later arrested. He was charged with drug trafficking relating to the marijuana plants. As of March 11, he was still being held in jail on a bond of $16,000.

Although the drug trafficking charges brought against this Florida man may appear to be condemning, the only facts that are known at this time are what have been presented by news reporters, presumably from law enforcement press statements. Once this man has been given the right to defend himself against the charges in court, he may be able to get some of the evidence relating to this case invalidated. He may also be able to reach a plea agreement, if the circumstances warrant and it is n his best interests, with the prosecution in order to avoid the stiffest of penalties that are potentially associated with his alleged crimes.

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