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2 Florida residents charged with drug possession and drug sales

Two Florida residents have been arrested on drug charges. The man and woman, who come from Hendry County and Lee County, were arrested in Charlotte County on a recent Sunday morning. Law enforcement personnel reportedly observed the vehicle being operated in an erratic manner and stopped the car. The occupants were subsequently arrested them for drug possession, drug sales and other charges.

The arrest occurred at approximately 12:30 p.m., after authorities identified a vehicle allegedly that was purportedly not driving in a straight line. Police say that the vehicle left the roadway the driver was apparently not able to maintain the vehicle in its lane. The police stopped the vehicle and reportedly smelled alcohol from the breath of the 18-year-old female who was driving the car. Police further say that they saw the 20-year-old male passenger try to hide a plastic bag in the car’s seat cushions.

The sheriff’s deputies asked both individuals to exit the vehicle. They performed sobriety tests on the driver, which police say she failed. Authorities then searched the vehicle and allegedly found a bag of marijuana, multiple plastic baggies of cocaine and several pills. Police say they also found pills, marijuana and cocaine residue in the driver’s purse.

Both individuals were arrested. The driver was charged with DUI and various drug possession charges. The passenger was charged with drug possession and drug sales related allegations. Each person will have the chance to defend themselves separately against the charges in a Florida criminal courtroom. Depending on the severity of the potential punishments and the evidence that is offered against them, they have the option of seeking a plea agreement by which one or both would plead guilty to stipulated charges in exchange for a favorable treatment from the court, including a potential reduction in sentencing.

Source:, CCSO arrests Hendry woman, Lee man on drug charges, No author, March 24, 2014


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