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Justin Bieber arrested for DUI in Florida, drug possession next?

Readers in Florida and all across the nation have most likely heard the latest media buzz surrounding pop star Justin Bieber’s recent arrest. Due to past indiscretions including suspected drug possession after drugs were found in his tour bus, the media was quick to paint Bieber in a negative light. He now is facing charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license.

Police say that Bieber was clocked travelling at a high rate of speed in a rented luxury sports car before he was initially pulled over. From there, they allege that the superstar used profanity at officers and continuously refused to keep his hands on the vehicle. After failing field sobriety tests, Bieber was taken into custody.

Authorities allege that Bieber admitted to having consumed alcohol and prescription drugs before the incident occurred. A Breathalyzer test conducted at the scene indicated that Bieber’s blood alcohol content level was below the legal limit of .08. Authorities obtained a urine sample, but the results have yet to be disclosed. It is also unclear whether any drugs were found on Bieber or in the car that he was driving.

Whenever celebrities are arrested, the media can be quick to portrait them in a negative manner. Justin Bieber’s previous alleged offenses, including suspected drug possession, will not help his cause. Fortunately, anyone arrested in Florida remains innocent until proven guilty before a court of law. As the prosecution works to build a case against him, it may benefit Bieber to carefully examine his legal rights in preparation of defending himself against this string of allegations. By ensuring there is a careful evaluation of any evidence and by thoroughly understanding all legal options that are available to him, Justin Bieber could be putting himself in position to secure the best possible outcome for his future.

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