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Florida mayor faces drug possession charges

The recent troubles of a mayor of an international city are well-known to most of our readers in Florida. In that case, the mayor admitted smoking crack cocaine and drinking and driving while in office. Now, some may be surprised to learn that a mayor of a town in our state has been arrested for drug possession and other crimes.

The mayor of tiny, Hampton, Florida was arrested recently. He was accused of drug possession and the sale of prescription drugs. This, officials say, was his first such arrest, though he was also charged with other crimes in the recent past.

Reports from Florida officials note that the mayor was prescribed Oxycodone for a back injury. This may have given him access to the drugs that he is alleged to have possessed and sold. He could face efforts to remove him from political office in addition to the criminal accusations that are now pending against him.

Being accused of a crime such as drug possession is a serious matter in Florida. That is because of the potential for severe penalties, including imprisonment, should a conviction occur. However, anyone who faces accusations such as the ones brought against the mayor are able to defend themselves. The defense most often includes a questioning of all aspects of their arrest to ensure that one’s legal rights have been fully honored in accordance with state and federal law. It is often helpful for people who are accused of a crime to seek information about the specific charges and the procedures involved in challenging the allegations to achieve the best possible result.

Source: Digital Journal, Mayor of Hampton, Florida arrested on drug charges, Arthur Weinreb, Nov. 27, 2013


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