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Florida drug sales of bath salts falls over the past year

The use and sale of the drug bath salts is falling across the nation and in Florida, a recent report notes. In fact, the number of overdose deaths from the drug has fallen in our state from 173 in 2011 to fewer tan 50 thus far this year. This, officials suspect, is in part due to efforts to control drug sales of the chemical compound.

Bath salts are a mixture of chemicals that includes methylone. That drug can cause reactions in the body of the person who ingests it. Florida officials assert that the compound has been instrumental in the criminal actions of many recent Hillsborough county residents. As an example, one man who had taken bath salts went on a rampage that ended with allegations of sexual battery, use of a firearm and his eventual death at the hands of police.

Methylone can cause reactions similar to that of drug users who have taken cocaine or methamphetamine. Those accused of drug sales of bath salts may face charges in Florida based on code enforcement rules. This means that, if found to have sold bath salts, people may face hefty fines but perhaps no jail time in our state.

Being accused of drug sales is a stressful event for anyone in Florida. This is true even in the case of bath salts, where the penalties are less harsh than in some other instances. This is good news for those who stand accused. However, to avoid the harshest of fines, individuals may wish to complete a careful review of the charges being made against them to ensure that they are able to best present a defense against the claims.

Source:, Synthetic drug may have led to crime rampage, Keith Morelli, Dec. 6, 2013


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