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Prescription drug crime in Florida increases in 3 counties

Many Florida readers may be aware that prescription drug deaths have been high in our state for years. What they may not know is that they are highest in a trio of local counties in the northeastern part of the state. In fact, prescription drug crime and deaths have increased in these three counties, even though they have fallen in the rest of the state.

The counties where prescription drug crime and deaths are highest include Duval, Clay and Nassau counties. In these locations, the death rate for those using prescription drugs has risen some 13 percent over the past year. This is in contrast to the 8.8 percent drop in similar deaths in the rest of Florida.

Most of the deaths across the state that involved prescription drug crime came for the use of Oxycodone. This powerful pain killer has been the subject of law enforcement efforts to close alleged pill mills across the state. However, there are reportedly still many ways for people to get these types of pills in Florida.

Being accused of prescription drug crime in Florida is intimidating and even frightening. Because of this, many find it helpful to gather information aimed at presenting a full defense against any criminal accusations. This effort can pay off for those who have been accused of selling or possessing these types of drugs, especially if they are able to avoid the toughest of penalties. The good news is that every person accused in our state and across the nation has the opportunity to present a meaningful defense and is presumed innocent of all allegations unless prosecutors are able to prove their case in court and by the stringent measure of proof required in criminal proceedings.

Source:, Three women plea for prescription drug safety: ‘Life can be taken away and altered too quickly – don’t risk it’, Beth Reese Cravey, Nov. 4, 2013


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