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Men accused of prescription drug crime in Florida

A 73-year-old Florida man was recently arrested by local officials. After his arrest, he was charged with federal crimes including a prescription drug crime. Officials say that he was a part of a group that sold illegal drugs to their clients at excessively high prices.

Authorities allege that the man and at least one of his partners bought outlets in other states to obtain the drugs that they sold. The prescription drug crimes included the sale of oxycodone and other drugs often used to treat pain. The medication was sold, Florida and federal officials assert, to people in our state at a cost of more than 5 times what it would be in a commercial pharmacy setting.

The crimes were charged in part because the accused men were not medical professionals. In fact, police believe that in order to commit the prescription drug crime for which they are accused, they had to recruit medical personnel. These individuals are also now accused of the same types of crimes as the alleged ringleaders.

Being arrested for a prescription drug crime or other charge can be very stressful for an individual in Florida. This is especially true due to the mandatory sentencing laws that can apply at the end of a case. However, before any penalty can be assessed, individuals may be gladdened to know that they are able to present a defense against all claims made against them. This defense can often end with exoneration if a court finds that officials did not follow proper evidentiary or procedural rules when making arrests or conducting an investigation.

Source:, Wellington man, 73, accused of running prescription pain medicine scheme, Alexandra Seltzer, Nov. 2, 2013


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