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Florida woman accused of drug trafficking and other crimes

The women’s movement has allowed many to break through glass ceilings in business and finance, readers in Florida may well know. Women now make up large parts of our workforce. However, a recent report notes, until recently few women were known or suspected to have led drug trafficking or organized crime organizations.

Recently, though, one woman was charged with crimes that included drug trafficking and money laundering. She is suspected of being one of the leaders of a violent drug cartel based in another country. Police believe that the ring was involved in drug trafficking in marijuana. Much of it apparently came into our country through central Florida.

In addition to allegedly being involved with the drugs, the woman at the center of this case is said to have laundered great deals of money in casinos across the nation. In fact, police say that she deposited more than $3 million in one casino alone. She is also said to have won the Florida Lottery by way of scratch-off tickets several times.

Now, the woman accused of drug trafficking and other crimes must work to defend herself against the claims made against her. An early report states that she has already presented information as to her sources of income that dispute the drug trafficking claims. Other defense tools may include questioning the aspects of the investigation that led to her arrest. This would be similar to the efforts made by many in Florida and important for those accused of crimes. Such efforts can pay off when a person is able to avoid the worst of the penalties that could occur in a criminal case.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, Orlando woman suspected of leading drug ring, Amy Pavuk, Oct 26, 2013


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