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Six in Florida face drug possession and other charges

Florida police say that they have taken six local residents into their custody after an incident occurred recently. Those in custody have been accused with crimes such as drug possession, of a firearm and child neglect. The arrests happened in the Parker area on a weekend evening.

According to a report, police were alerted to that three children appeared to be playing on a roadway. Florida officials investigated and found the threesome on East Highway 98. The kids did not appear to be being supervised by any adult.

The discovery of the children led police, they say, to a local home. Once there, they say that the found a home that was in a mess with urine and firearms strewn around. In addition, police assert that there were narcotics and drug paraphernalia in the home. It was these discoveries that led to the accusations of criminal actions such as drug possession.

Now, those who were taken into custody must work to defend themselves against the criminal charges of drug possession and firearm charges. As they do, they will likely seek to question all aspects of the events that led to their arrests. This is an important investigation as it is protected by the fundamental rights of everyone in Florida and elsewhere in our nation. In many cases, police fail to properly follow required procedures, making the arrests that result invalid. It is this type of situation that can be addressed as a defense is prepared for those facing the serious criminal charges such as drug possession.

Source: News Herald, 6 arrested after children found playing in highway, No author, Sept. 6, 2013


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