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Florida woman accused of drug possession after chase

A Florida woman is accused of leading local police on a chase throughout a neighborhood of Merritt Island recently. The incident occurred after police noticed what they referred to as suspected intoxicated driving. Once caught, the woman was arrested and charged with crimes including drug possession.

Florida police say that they saw the car being driven by the woman accused of drug possession n a way that led them to believe that she was impaired. They conducted a traffic stop, during which they asked the accused woman to leave her car. She, they say, drove off at that time after placing a call to her mother.

Police pursued the vehicle until it stopped after going through several yards and stop signs. The area of the incident was the neighborhood where the woman’s mother resides. Eventually, the woman is said to have crashed her car, and after an attempt to flee was taken down by an ‘electronic control device.’

Now the accused woman must work to defend herself against the drug possession claims. Police say that they found drug paraphernalia and 4 rocks of crack cocaine when they arrested the woman. However, before she can be convicted of any crime, the accused is able to represent a full defense that includes questioning all aspects of arrest. The ability to make this effort is a fundamental right of all who stand accused of crimes and is important to those seeking to defend their names from serious accusations such as those made in this drug possession case.

Source:, “Deputies: Woman led drug-fueled chase on Merritt Island,” Andrew Ford, July 4, 2013


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