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Florida trio accused of drug trafficking

Cancer and AIDS medications are just a few of those that Florida officials say were being trafficked by three people in our state. Those that have been accused of drug trafficking include a man, his wife and his 60-year-old mother. Each now face several criminal allegations.

According to Florid police, the three who stand accused of drug trafficking got the drugs from unlicensed sources in our state. Once gotten, the drugs were reportedly sold to as many as 72 retail outlets. Many of them got the drugs for patients suffering from serious diseases such as AIDS and cancer. The trafficking is alleged to have spanned several states.

It appears that those that supplied the drugs to the alleged drug trafficking group sometimes were those who received them from Medicaid and Medicare. Official believe that the operation had been in practice since 2006, at least. They assert that those who were arrested were worth as much as $5 million as a result of their criminal activities.

It is important to remember that the people in this drug trafficking case, like all accused of crimes in Florida, are innocent of all charges without a finding of guilt by the courts. This cannot happen unless the case can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This high standard means that those who stand accused are able to defend themselves against allegations and have an opportunity to fight for their freedom. It is often best for such people to seek information from experienced authorities before beginning to mount a defense in a criminal action.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Bond set at $3.5 million in medical drug trafficking case,” Erika Pesantes, June 18, 2013


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