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Florida arrest for drug possession leads man to present a defense

Florida police say that it was a law enforcement official who was in our state on vacation that discovered a man wanted in another state recently. The man who is now accused of drug possession and other crimes was in our state after fleeing federal officials, police assert. He was arrested in Walton County on a recent weekday.

The man at the center of this Florida drug possession case is said to be wanted by federal officials as a part of a drug sweep that they conducted in another southern state. However, before the accused man can be forced to face any criminal charges stemming from that sweep, he must defend himself against other claims. These include the assertion that he had synthetic drugs in his possession at the time of his arrest by Florida authorities.

The officer who says that he discovered the accused man here in Florida was here on vacation with his family. The officer is employed by the federal Homeland Protection Agency. It was that agency that conducted the ‘Project Synergy’ drug sweep that the arrested man is accused of being caught up in his home state.

Being arrested for drug possession or other similar crimes can lead to stress for those who stand accused. The good news for those individuals though, is that they have a fundamental right to present a defense against the accusations against them. These efforts can end with a dismissal of charges or a reduction, due to the fact that all elements of an arrest are subject to question as a defense is prepared.

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “Wanted man from Memphis busted in Florida; recognized by vacationing lawman,” Barbara Hijek, July 2, 2013


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